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The term augment, or human augment, was commonly used to describe an individual who was genetically engineered so much so that it was arguable as to wether they could truly be considered human. Like with muttations, the term was originally considered slang, until it became widely used by the people of the Capitol in Panem. Typically, augments were developed for scientific research purposes only, and in Panem, they were rarely considered members of society at all.


The first human augments were being developed as early as in the 2150s. By 2180, a number of militaries had their own "augment" task forces, each composed of highly militarized, lethally efficient genetically engineered supersoldiers. This generation of augments was wiped out with the rest if society, however, during the Third World War.

The augments of those time, however, could hardly compare the the augments that were soon to be created during the later half of the next century. When advanced genetic engineering made a large-scale comeback as early as the 2230s, the most advanced augments were almost doubly as effective as their first generation counterparts.

In the year 2269, Project Red, an ambitious effort to produce the first augment bred to kill since the Third World War had begun. In 2271, the project yielded Red, an augment who would later grow into a teenager with the mind of a lethally efficient supersoldier. Despite the odds, he was touched after emotion flooded into his mind, and he chose to sacrifice himself instead of completing his life's goal of becoming the victor of The 47th Annual Hunger Games.

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