No Title




Head Gamemaker

Known Family

Seneca Crane(distant relative)

Favourite Weapon

Poison darts and booby-traps

Favourite Tribute

Sammael (Career tribute)


Alive at the moment

Featured in

48,932nd Hunger Games


Artemis Crane is the relative of Seneca Crane, the biggest failure of a Head Gamemaker ever. Although he was reluctant to go into the Gamemaker buissness, Artemis completed trials with flying colours. He rapidly progressed into a high ranking Gamemaker and became Vice Gamemaker of the female Games. Soon he became the Head Gamemaker of the 48,932nd Hunger Games. He is determind to lift the shame on the Crane family name.


Neat. Everything about Artemis is neat. Neat hair, clothes, shoes. He wears goggles in the Gamemaker Room. When anyone asks why he wears them he answers, "they help me think" and kills there favourite tribute.

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