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Creator: Rainstorm239
Age Currently 19
Home District 13
Gender Female
Height Short
Weapon Dagger
Fate Alive, thought to be dead

Anise Sorrel is the District 2 victor from 73rd Hunger Games. She is the main protagonist of The Games.

Appearance Edit

Anise has wavy, feathered golden hair and metallic gray eyes. Her lips are small but full, and her skin is cream-colored. She is shorter than the average teenager, but she is limber and athletic. Her eyebrows arch slightly, and her face is narrow and palish. Right before she went into the arena, she streaked her blond hair with bloodred hair dye.

Personality Edit

Anise is smart and strategic. She won the 73rd Hunger Games by thinking her way out of things. She is very capable with her dagger, and later, during the rebellion, with a gun. Anise is generally seen as hostile and short-tempered, but she does have a soft side, especially with younger children. She doesn't like to small talk much, but she loves deep conversation. Her weakness is her fear of heights and tight spaces.

Relationships Edit

Jasmine Sapphire Edit

Jasmine was Anise's ally throughout the Games. She could rely on the District One tribute always. When Jasmine was killed by Bronze, Anise's district partner, she was so angry she wiped out three tributes at once.

Fawn Sorrel Edit

Fawn is Anise's little brother. He was only ten when Anise was reaped in the Games at sixteen, and he didn't think she would come home. When she did, he was overjoyed. Fawn was killed when hovercrafts bombed District Seven.

Rowan Tarragon Edit

Rowan was in Anise's squad during the second rebellion, and they grew very close, but were separated by the explosion. Rowan thinks Anise is dead, but she is not.

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