Republic YearsEdit

Year 1-20

Leaders are chosen and many changes are made.

  1. The Districts are to be represented in the High Senate of USA 2.0
  2. Panem is renaamed USA 2.0 after people in District 9 find a flag in a time capsule along with legal documents/papers, toys, money, amogst other things
  3. The Districts get next names:
  • District 1= Gemstonia
  • District 2= Fort Justice
  • District 3= Technomasis
  • District 4= Trident Town
  • District 5= Electronius Prime
  • District 6= Speedanaka
  • District 7= Land of the Tall Trees
  • District 8= Textilia
  • District 9= Grainutonia
  • District 10= Cattle Highlands
  • District 11= Cornidian
  • District 12= Coalinium
  • District 13= Nucleariada
  • The Capitol= Mountainous Pleasures

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