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Blowgun, spear, knife, sword, darts

Adelaide McKenna is the main protagonist and narrator of The 13th Hunger Games. She lives in District 3 with her father.

She participates in the 13th Hunger Games with her bitter enemy, Eja Cunnins. She allies with the District 9 female, Keziah.

The 13th Hunger GamesEdit


"You can find your place in the devil's home once I'm done with you."

- Adelaide yelling at Eja Cunnins

Adelaide's story started out in her home, where she was with her father.

When she got to the reaping, her name was drawn, as well as her bitter enemy's.

Adelaide got higher than anyone else in training, a score of 10. She was also a favourite in the Interviews and Chariot rides.

During the interview, Adelaide's District Partner, described how Adelaide "deserved a long and painful death". Soon after, Adelaide slammed her district partner into a vase and yelled at him, about how he will have a death that lasts until the Victor is crowned and how he can "find his place in the devil's home" when she's done with him.

She went into the games confidently, at the bloodbath, killed at least one person, and rescued Keziah from a strong competitor.

She and Keziah allied, they had lots of supplies, but they split soon after.

Adelaide had an encounter with the Career alliance, where she killed the District 1 pair, and the pair from 2, and male from 4 all died. Eja survived.

The alliance of remaining tributes (excluding Eja and Keziah) were all killed by mutts later on.

It came down to Keziah, Eja and Adelaide in the final 3. Eja let out his real evil and speared Keziah. Adelaide became enraged and stabbed Eja in the heart with her sword. Adelaide stayed with Keziah until her death, when Adelaide was crowned Victor.

When Adelaide was crowned Victor, she couldn't wait to get home.

She returned home and met her father in her new house. She described she only needed love to be happy, and thet's what she had as the series comes to a close.

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