Abby is a great Mom in District 8, but she prefers district 12.

Early lifeEdit

When Abby was a teenager her best friend was reaped and lost the games, this pulled her into a depression for 3 years. She was born on June 23rd 2013 and is the youngest sister of the Crange family. Her mother was raised in The Seam whilst her father was born in the marketplace of District 12. When Abby turned 15 everyone in the district was forced to move to District 8 whilst District 8 moved to 10 and every district but 2 moved to a different one by order of the Capitol!


Abby got forced to marry a good-looking abusive courtier who slacks his job named Aaron.she has 3 sisters named Rose, Carry and May who work together selling woven baskets. Her mother died years ago when she was about 60 but her dad is still alive, and his name is Cameron. Abby now has 4 children named Britney, Alex, Kristian and Opal.

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