Aaron Burns
Aaron Burns
Age 36
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weapon Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearances The Second Quarter Quell
Hobbies Unknown
Tribute in 50th Annual Hunger Games

"Try not underestimate me boy. If you do, you and your Blondie will be the first."
— Aaron giving Haymitch a warning after training

Aaron Burns was a male tribute who was reaped in the 50th Annual Hunger Games.


Aaron Burns was born in District 5, the main industry where its responsible for generating the power of the entire nation. He spent most of his life training, but many citizens considered him to be ruthless and mostly stay away from him. While growing up, Aaron usually remained separate from his family and worked as a Powerplant security officer.

Second Quarter QuellEdit

Aaron Burns was chosen from his district to participate in the 50th Hunger Games. His family didn't care that he would either survive or die since he was very aggressive to them. Arriving to the He, along with Ursula Reams, Jack Harvey, and Rebecca Blackberry were dressed like power-plant security officers since the fact that they come from District 5.

He was present during training and spent a little time with his fellow tributes. While training, he fought Ursula to see her skills with a sword. He gave Haymitch a bad look until Chloe stood in front and told him to turn around, in which he complied with a smile. After shaking hands with Ethan Shields in forming alliance, he became one of the Career Tributes and warned Haymitch not to underestimate him at the end of training.

His interview with Roman Gus went very well, as he did a great job and looked very stylish.


As the game started, Aaron ran towards the Cornucopia for supplies. He quickly grabbed his sword and slashed Douglas Dunn while the tribute was searching for supplies.


He is portrayed by Matt Stone.

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