The 81st Hunger Games was the first games created by GlimmerandSparkle. The games, like usual, consist of 24 tributes from 12 Districts of Panem. 8 tributes were killed during the Cornucopia Bloodbath.

Games InfoEdit

There weren't anything special about these games, but it was very exciting knowing that almost half of the Careers were killed off towards the beginning of the games. Almost every tribute ended up forming an Alliance with someone.

Place Name District Killed by
24th Gunner Time 8 Jeremy Al
23rd Liberty Friar 9 Matilda Mir
22nd Jason Sevetra 2 Tray Brynner
21st Tray Brynner 1 Fire Colson
20th Aaron Mercury 6 Nina Marian
19th Line Fanlon 5 Matilda Mir
18th Nessie Needle 8 Will Evans
17th Will Evans 10 Nessie Needle
16th Kezaiah Bianca 1 Susie Graham
15th Ethan Sun 11 Pit Mutt
14th Louisa 7 Bloodbath Injuries
13th Arisa Meado 5 Minnow Mutts
12th Jeremy Al 4 Spike Hill
11th Spike Hill 9 Nina Marian
10th Allie Fiana 11 Pit Mutt
9th Adelaide Jensen 6 Snake Mutt
8th Susie Graham 3 Fire Colson
7th Shayl McElroy 3 Matilda Mir
6th Eucy Collier 12 Pit Mutt
5th Fire Colson 10 Mako Chance
4th Matilda Mir 2 Mako Chance and Kole Roch
3rd Kole Roch 12

Eucy Zombie Mutt

2nd Mako Chance 7 Nina Marian
Victor Nina Marian 4 None

Remaining TributesEdit

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