7th Hunger Games
The arena

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Main Characters:

Johnattan Firebreeze
Mel Windseal
Michael Jeffster
Jane Washel


Johnattan Firebreeze

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The Hunger Games Books

The 7th Hunger Games had a special arena, which most of it is concentrated underwater or floods. Water typical creatures such as sharks, whales, octopus and fish were around. The winner was Johnattan Firebreeze.

Most of the islands flood as the night goes on. There are some beast sharks and gigantic whales that disguise as some islands. Drinking a bubble potion may let you breath underwater.


Tribute District Weapon Fate
Michael Jeffster 1 Long Sword Died while Beast Island is flooding
Rachel Ghard 1 Throwing Knifes Killed by Johnattan with his metal hand
Jaime Clentie 2 Bow and Arrow Killed by Johnattan with his metal hand
Elisabeth Harris 2 Dagger (After Lena Telvish) Killed by the Whale
Johnattan Firebreeze 3 Hammer, Hook Survives.
Helena Cherry 3 Blinding Bomb, Hunting Knifes Killed by Johnattan with his metal hand
Henry Wass 4 Fishing Rod Eaten by the beast shark
Carla Rosestone 4 Katana Killed while in Illusion Island
District 5 Male 5 Unknown Killed during bloodbath
District 5 Female 5 Unknown Killed during bloodbath
Christopher James 6 Spear Killed by Career Tributes
District 6 Female 6 Unknown Killed in Bloodbath
District 7 Male 7 Unknown Killed by Career Tributes
Hayle 7 Iron Fist Suicide.
Killian Reeves 8 Sword Ship is sank by the Beast Whale
Mel Windseal 8 Pixcake, Dagger (After Elisabeth Dies) Killed by Michael Jeffster
Hennias Mate 9 Unknown Killed in Bloodbath
Jane Washel 9 Dagger (After Mel Dies) Killed by Career Tributes
District 10 Male 10 Unknown Killed during Bloodbath
District 10 Female 10 Unknown Killed during Bloodbath
District 11 Male 11 Unknown Killed during Bloodbath
District 11 Female 10 Unknown Killed during Bloodbath
District 12 Male 10 Unknown Killed during Bloodbath
Lena Telvish 12 Dagger Killed during Bloodbath


The ArenaEdit

Cornucopia IslandEdit

The Cornucopia Island was the first island to be seen in the games. It's the only island not to sink during flooding time.

In the Cornucopia, Johnattan was knocked out by Michael Jeffster, the career leader. In the fight, Micheal ripped out his hand and took him to the sand island.

When he returned to the Cornucopia, Mel was killed there.

This is also the place where Johnattan creates a mechanical hand to replace his left one that Michael took out.

Sand IslandEdit

The Sand Island is not very important as the only fact that is really important here is that it's the place where Michael dropped Johnathan's apparently deceased body after knocking him at Cornucopia Island.

There is another sand island in the north, but it's only mentioned by Michael.

Illusion IslandEdit

This is the place where one tribute died (Carla Rosestone) and one turned crazy (Hayle). Johnattan couldn't visit this island himself. Only Michael is known to visit there and not to die or turn crazy.


The amount of grey earth-like looks like a rock island, but it's not, as it's a huge beast whale that wakes with any noise.

When running for the Careers, Johnattan and Mel visit this "island", they meet Killian and Elisabeth, that had a ship that they found in a cave at the area that doesn't flood. They accidentally wake the whale and Elisabeth is killed. Killian escaped in his ship, but the wale destroyed it.

Mel would kill the whale with the dagger she took from Elisabeth, sinking the "island".

Heal IslandEdit

The heal island is where Johnattan wake after being thrown in water. He was healed by some tribute that possibly died later.

Safe GroundEdit

The safe ground is the area that doesn't flood. It's like a jungle but there are some hidden caves.

At some time, Killian found a ship in a cave, or maybe he created it in this area.

Flooding AreasEdit

Connected to the Safe Ground, the flooding areas are tricky parts of the land that sink during the night. It's also the hunting area for sharks.

A male tribute, Henry Wass, was killed by a beast shark there.

Beast IslandEdit

The place where monsters sick of blood used to live. This island was taken by the Career tributes and later sank by Johnattan.


Using a bubble drink that can be sent by sponsors, you can breath underwater. Johnattan got one when thrown in the sea by Michael.


  • This Hunger Games had one of the strongest teams of career tributes.
  • Storms happened all days in the arena.

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