The 76th Hunger Games is the first book by HG Tribute of The Great Games series. It features an 18 year old male tribute from District 12, named Denni Neuverman, being reaped by Escort to enter the 76th Hunger Games. This year, one year after the end of the Second Rebellion, the rules are changed. Only 24 tributes of one gender shall fight in the arena every year. First, the boys then the girls. Although, this rule only lasted for the year as the Capitol citizens voted for the old rule when asked by the President.

The GamesEdit

The events that occured during the Games, chronologically.

Cornucopia bloodbathEdit

First, a male tribute from District 4 sprinted off of his plate before the end of the countdown. After he was blown into smithereens, his district partner stepped off of his own plate to go to him. Apparently, he forgotten the world and was also blown into pieces.

When the countdown ended, the horn blew and most of the tributes ran for the Cornucopia. A few Careers reached the horn and grabbed weapons. A male from District 2 used a kukri to fight one of the males from District 8. By then, Denni grabbed a black backpack with a rolled-up blue sleeping bag tied to its top. The male from 2 smashed his opponent's head skull with his kukri.

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