The 76th Hunger Games happened during President Snow's last month ruling over Panem. It had barely been 3 months since the Quarter Quell and Panem was ,of course, furious he would do this.

The Victors were Isolde Gelding and Fleur Dirgette

Significant EventsEdit

  • It takes place 3 months following the Quarter Quell
  • No previous victors mentor the tributes, instead Peacekeepers.
  • The Cornucopia Bloodbath is considered the Bloodiest, leaving 19 of 24 tributes dead,mutilated and bleeding.
  • Isolde Gelding stabs Ferry Brune, the other district 4 tribute.
  • Fleur Dirgette, with the odds completely against her, makes her first of two kills.
  • 1 person commits suicide.
  • District 5 Male tribute is hung by Isolde Gelding and shot by Fleur Dirgette, making her second and final kill.
  • The final four tributes take their final sleep in the arena. 
  • District 2 female is killed by district 9 male.
  • District 9 male is impaled by Isolde Gelding. 
  • Isolde Gelding reveals she's going to commit suicide so Fleur Dirgette can win.

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