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The Tribute Parade Edit

Seraphine is talking to us, but i do not hear her. Maybe it was her beauty that left me speechless, because that dress suited perfectly on her. I'm talking about Amber, of course. Even if it was a costume full of rocks... . Then Seraphine looked at me, waiting for my response, but i did not know what to say.

"What?" i replied

"Evan! Were you even listening to me? I said, my Replacement as arrived, i look forward to my retirement..., i present you your new escort, Lady Effie Trinket!" Cried Seraphine in exitement.

A Lady in her early 20's, all dressed up with lots of shiny clothes, and her hair dyed in too many colours i can't even count them. She was smiling at us. Then she runned off to hug Amber.

"Oh My Darlings! How pleased i am to see you at last! Seraphine told me Everything about you! My tributes! I don't worry! I'll replace with honor Seraphine's place! Replied our new escort, stopping hugging Amber, and starting hugging me.

"What has she told-" I was interrupted

"Hush Hush, Evan, the Parade is starting! You have to get to your horses, and remember... Eyes Bright, Chins Up, Smiles ON! All the Capitol is urging to see you, and oh my what a surprise has Cinna prepared for them! Come Come!.

As Effie hurried us to the horses, i got a gaze of the other tributes. There was the ones from District 3 that were wearing a Black Dress with lightbulbs that actually produce light, thene the ones from District 4 had a connected Fishnet who tied them up, Oh god i bless Cina that he didn't prepared one of those, i just hope i don't embarasse myself. I get in the plate, but Amber has some difficulties trying to get up here, i'll just give my hand aiding her. She didn't grabbed it and instead called Effie to aid her. She has not talked to me since we broked up, not a single word. Not when we were reaped together, not when we were on the train, just nothing, just this look... . 

The Horses are starting to move... Oh god, the Tributes from District 1 are already in the Parade. What did Effie said? To Smile? Wave? I don't really remember. I see the Tributes of District 8 going into the light to. i look into Effie with a confused face, she then pointed her chin and her eyes and her smile, then said with clear mouth, that i had to wave at the public. When i look back again facing forward, we can't help it, we are next. As we went out of the building, the image was absolutly stunning, there were litteraly a million people watching us and screaming words of joy, throwing roses and stuff, and oh my god, even people are crying... well what's to expect from the people of the Capitol. Then I see, Caesar Flickerman in the top Building Broadcasting all of It.

"I think for myself, saying that those are the most interesting tributes we've had since a long time! And Over 1 Million people is watching to see what meets the eye in the Parade! For them, this is how they start their journey, of becoming a victor! This is a very important moment, and it's reaching it's climax point, because just the Tributes from District 12 are coming out! Said Caesar Flickerman

"There they are! This Year's Tributes! Look at them go! And i think that they-" Clavius was interrupted

"Whoa! Wait a minute Flavius! Look at the District 2 Chariot! Is that... Light?" Said Caesar astonished

"I believe it is! The Stylist is tremendous, it manages to represent the light of power within the souls of District 2! The Light for District that has more Victors!" Said Claudius Templesmith

Ugh, all the Attention is going into Darrius and Tamara... Those "Really Awesome" outfits are calling attention the most... . Then, i hear Haymitch on the speaker in my hear.

"Boy! Hurry! They are stealing your ten minutes of fame! Push the bottom for Cinna's surprise! Hurry! You are doing good!" Said Haymitch with a robotic voice.

I hurry to look for the botton but i do not find it. Then i see that Amber has it and has pressed it. I forgot that she also has a speaker in her ear, and Effie must had told her. Was it something malfunctioning? Nothing's happening. Oh wait, something's happening, there is light emanating from me as well, but it's like a rainbow light! It's ten times bigger than the ones from District 2! Everyone is looking... It's so stunning! I see Amber's surprise.

"Good Gracius! Claudius! Are you seeing this! This is Amazing! The new stylist for District 12, Cinna, has prepared a rainbow outfit, just representing the newest discovery in District 12 Mines, the Rainbowrium, that manages to bond with ANY Other Element" Said Caesar briefly"Remarkable, they are opacating the Outfits of District 2! Everyone are looking at them!" Cried Claudius"Now, People of Panem! Brace Yourselves! Our President, President Snow, will give His Speech!"

President Snow, stood up off his chair, stepped into the pedestal and placed the microphone close to his mouth, he was a man in his fifties, with some white strips on his brownish combed hair. He was getting old. The Tributes were placed in the Main Capitol Plaza and all looked and prepared to hear whatever the President was about to say.

"Welcome! Welcome... Tributes, we welcome you, and we Praise your greatfullnes, your bravery and your courage! The Capitol acknowledges you, and we wish you luck on the 56th year, of the Hunger Games! Thank You, and May the Odds, Be Ever In Your Favour!" That was President Snow Speech.


I stop to think. That's it? Only That? It seemed a lot longer in our T.V in our homes... . But the people in the Capitol, sure are satisfied... . They are clapping more than ever now... It hurts my ears so much. Whoa! The Horse started to move again, now we are heading backwards, back to the silence, at last. 

Effie was waiting clapping his hands both in surprise and with a Smile on her face, along with Cinna and Haymtich. I don't mind Cinna or Effie, but Haymitch... i cannot stand that guy! Just because he won those games 6 years ago, he thinks that he is best and drinks a lot... God and to think he was once one of our people, suffering for the Capitol, now he's just Party Hard... . I Glare at him and don't say nothing, then i turn back to Cinna.

"Was it Good?" I Say, afraid of a bad response

"Good?! It was delightful! You both shined in all those colours!" Said Effie, in exitement.

"You did Very well, i'm proud of you, you even stomped into the District 2 outfits! Watch out... they sure are angry now..." Warned Cinna.

Then someone stomped me in the back. It was the younger tribute from District 9, Castress, I believe...

"Ah! Um... I'm very Sorry!... I..." Said the little Girl nervously.

"Doesn't matter little one! I'm sure Evan here, didn't mind!" Said Amber surprisingly with her charming voice. I haven't heard her in a month, and hear her voice again was reconforting

"Oh... well, thanks, i'm really sorry, what's your name...? Asked little Castress

"Oh! I'm Amber, we can be friends you and I, can you be my friend... um...?

"Castress..." Replied her

"Whoa! What a beautiful name you-" Amber was interrumpted

"Get Away from her Twelve!" Her 18 year old brother appeared with his muscles and his intimidating height. 

"No Pollux, she is Ok! She is my-" 12 year old Castress was interrupted again by him

"What... Friend?! You don't make friends in here Castress, now get away from them! Come with me come on!

Pollux went away with her young sister, gaving them an intimidating look at them before he left.

"That's one scary dude..." I said

"She's just caring for her daughter..." Replied Amber. And then i realised. She talked to me, like literally she replied one conversation in one month. I feel releaved!

Suddenly she also realised and she zipped her mouth again and went off to Effie, heading back to the Appartments, and So I did.

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