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The 56th Hunger Games narrates the story of Tribute Evan Detress from District 12 and his journey of becoming a victor of the Games. He will be helped by Amber , the other tribute from his district, and a couple of allies, PepperLeo, Karen and Cixto . But he must watch out by the Career Pack, leadered by Darrius .


  • District 1 (Male): Lance
  • District 3 (Male): Leo
  • District 4 (Female): Unknown Tribute (Vanille)
  • District 4 (Male): Unknown Tribute (Tileo)
  • District 5 (Female): Duana
  • District 5 (Male): Unknown Tribute 
  • District 6 (Female): Unknown Tribute 
  • District 6 (Male): Ardal
  • District 7 (Female): Unknown Tribute 
  • District 7 (Male): Mento
  • District 8 (Female): Unknown Tribute 
  • District 8 (Male): Unknown Tribute
  • District 10 (Female): Unknown Tribute 
  • District 10 (Male): Unknown Tribute 
  • District 11 (Female): Karen
  • District 11 (Male): Cixto


  • Chapter 10:  The Beast
  • Chapter 11: Chance to Say Goodbye
  • Chapter 12: Finale


List Of DeathsEdit

Tribute                   Death Position
Tribute Male D10 Killed by Darrius in Bloodbath 24th
Tribute Male D5  Killed by Lance in Bloodbath 23rd
Tribute Female D8 Killed by Mento in Bloodbath 22nd
Tribute Male D8 Killed by Tamara in Bloodbath 21st
Tribute Female D6 Killed by Pollux (Not Shown) 20th
Tribute Male D10 Killed by Pollux (Not Shown) 19th
Ardal Killed by Mistral in the Woods


Duana She fell down a cliff by accident 17th
Tribute Female D7 Killed by Tamara (Not Shown) 16th
Pepper Died by Coldness; Hypothermia 15th
Mistral Eatenen by the Bonebracker 14th
Tribute Male D4 Eaten Alive by the Wolves 13th
Cixto Crushed by a Tree falling 20 feet 12th
Tribute Female D4 Eaten Alive by the Wolves 11th
Leo Killed by Lance in the Rock Valley 10th
Castress Death by massive loss of blood 9th
Tamara 8th
Karen 7th
Pollux 6th
Lance 5th
Amber 4th
Darrius 3rd
Evan 2nd
Mento Winner

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