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a futuristic Panem


The 48,932nd Hunger Games is a fanon set far in the future. Their are 193 districts in Panem. These extra districts were created after the Second Rebellion (which failed). The president is still Snow except his brain is preserved in a glass jar filled with oils to keep him alive. Their are 3 Hunger Games ever year. One for girls, one for boys and one unisex. The age limit is still the same. Their are no Chariot Rides or Training Scores. Once you are reaped you are beamed into the arena.

I hope you enjoy the fanon!


Most of the chapters are short and sweet. They are also free to edit!


more planned.


Every chapter or so, the perspective of the Games changes between Ailbhe O'Sullivan, Jereme O'Sullivan and Artemis Crane.

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