"Greetings citizens of all twelve districts, I am President Cornelius Snow. I know all you rebels have revolted against the Capitol and me. Since District 13 was the driving force of the rebellion, my forces successfully put an end to this. I'm glad that you all have surrendered after District 13's obliteration and returned to submit us. But, there will be an exact punishment that you will face for defying the Capitol. It is scheduled to be released right now. We have created an actual event that will happen once every year. It is called the Hunger Games. All citizens of twelve districts will offer one woman and man between the ages 20 and 40. These tributes will meet together at the Capitol and spend a week through training. They will also attend ceremonies, interviews, and receive the highest score to prepare themselves for the game. After the week passes, the tributes will be thrown into an outdoor arena where they will fight to the death till two or one from the exact district remains. Any who would dare refuse to accept this will suffer the consequences."
— President Cornelius Snow announcing the Hunger Games

The 1st Annual Hunger Games took place 74 years before the start of the series. It was known to be first game after District 13 was obliterated by the Capitol. As punishment, the remaining districts submitted to the Capitol and lost their hope for change.

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